Music and Love: Similarity

Often i feel as if a good song is a like a beautiful girl. You hear it suddenly somewhere out of the blue, on the radio or TV, and you instantly love it, and then you want to hear it again and again, feeling you can't have enough of it, but soon, the excess of that song renders it ineffective and it barely raises an emotion, and then you start looking for a new song... but after a long time you hear that song again somewhere, and it strikes your senses the same way it did the first time, and you cherish it again, relishing the melody. Is this not similar to love in certain aspects? :)


SP said…
Reminds me of a couplet from Nida Fazli..

Duniya jise kehate hain
Jadoo ka khilonaa hai
mil jaaye to mitti hai
kho jaaye to sona hai